The lion’s den – surface solutions

Besides the significance of the company founding, there were a number of very important milestones in the development of AWUKO ABRASIVES. Here, the numbers 601 and 602, as well as 2050 and 610 have their own success story.

But what is it about these numbers that makes them so special?

Nicole Pinne-Wandmacher

601 and 602

The two highly developed production lines for the basic production of abrasives on flexible bases form the core of AWUKO ABRASIVES. Both facilities ensure a high degree of flexibility and constant deliverability over the whole production range.

Awuko abrasives 601 and 602 production machine

The two different production processes, which permit mostly interruption-free manufacturing processes, ensure very high quality. With an overall production capacity of more than 20 million square metres per year and a manufacturing width of 2 metres, AWUKO ABRASIVES has the ability to produce an abrasive strip of 10000 km in length. This is equivalent to the length of the entire street network of New York City.

Production facility 602 with its unique flat strip drying process stands out in an international comparison. It permits fast and constant drying of the whole abrasive material without loss of quality.


With 2050 millimetres, AWUKO ABRASIVES is one of the pioneers of the worldwide largest production widths of coated abrasives. This width is the foundation for wide belts that are produced with only one joint and therefore guarantee optimum running conditions for machine applications.

Awuko abrasives 610 abrasives rolls


This number represents the unrivalled TOP product for the leather industry: KP43E. Due to its fine, even and also highly flexible characteristics, AWUKO ABRASIVES has made a worldwide name for itself with this leather abrasive. The so-called “610” roll from AWUKO ABRASIVES, which derives its name from the 610 millimetre width of the roll, is thus a synonym in the leather industry for the highest quality requirements of the sanding process.